Shoppers head out of town

Published:  17 July, 2017

Retail parks see footfall rise according to Springboard

Footfall declined marginally last week, by -0.4 per cent, a slight improvement on the drop of -0.9 per cent in the same week last year. The difference from last year, however, is an improvement in retail parks where footfall rose by +1.3 per cent compared with a drop of -1.3 per cent in week 28 in 2016. Footfall in retail parks also rose from the previous week, with a rise of +1.2 per cent from week 27 this year compared with a drop over the week of -1.5 per cent last year. This is likely to be partly a result of the prolonged period of favourable weather which, whilst cooler last week, will have encouraged consumers to make trips to retail parks to invest in garden and leisure products. The impact of the cooler weather on consumer behaviour can be clearly seen in high streets, where footfall dropped by -3.9 per cent from week 27 when it was much hotter and more sunny and greater numbers would have sought out external environments.

Footfall in both high streets and shopping centres declined from last year, albeit that the -0.6 per cent drop in high streets was less than half the -1.4 per cent drop in shopping centres, which replicates the result recorded in 2016 when high street footfall fell by -0.3 per cent and shopping centre footfall by -1.8 per cent.

Performance across the UK largely followed a similar pattern to last year, with drops in high street footfall across five UK areas but virtually a universal drop in shopping centres across all areas. In contrast, in retail parks, footfall declined in just one area compared with drops in five areas in 2016.


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