Footfall feels the chill

Published:  14 February, 2017

Cold snap keeps shoppers indoors according to Springboard

Accordinmg to the latest Springboard Index it seems that the cold weather last week cost retail destinations dear in terms of footfall, with an overall decline of -4.2%; three times as great as the -1.7% in the same week last year.

There were significant downward shifts in footfall in all three destination types, but the greatest changes occurred in shopping centres and retail parks; -6.1% in shopping centres compared with just -0.2% in week 6 in 2016, and -2.3% in retail parks compared with +1.7% in 2016. The year to date results for shopping centres and retail parks clearly demonstrate their slide; -4.5% in shopping centres, compared with just -0.2% in 2016, and -2.2% in retail parks compared with +4.1% last year. High street footfall also declined noticeably; by -4%, with the -3.8% last year resulting in a cumulative decline of -7.8% over two years.

The reason for the sizeable drop in shopping centre is clear to see, as footfall declined in every UK area by more than -3.5%, with falls in excess of -6% in four areas (North & Yorkshire, Scotland, Wales and the West Midlands). In contrast, footfall increased in retail parks in three UK areas (Scotland, South West and the West Midlands), but there were drops of more than -3% in three of the remaining UK areas. And in high streets, whilst footfall rose in two UK areas (East and South East) this uplift was disappointingly offset by drops in excess of -4.5% in five other areas peaking at -8.6% in Northern Ireland and -8.2% in Scotland.


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