Autumn shopping bonanza on the cards, according to intu

Published:  28 October, 2015

New research by intu shows the majority of British adults have a full shopping list to complete before the end of November. 

Following reports of resurgent consumer confidence in recent months, the new research from intu asked a representative sample of more than 3,000 adults what they planned to buy in the three month period to the end of November.

Clothes, bags and shoes topped shopping lists for major or luxury items, while the opportunity for consumers to treat themselves with small purchases is a popular one. More than three in four (78 per cent of people) planned to buy themselves small treats and a further 75 per cent planned to buy a book. And in-store browsing proves more popular than the convenience of online shopping, as was the case for 11 out of the 17 shopping categories surveyed.

The study also found that regardless of how much the consumer earns, or how old they are, it is where they live that most often determines what they want to buy ahead of the Christmas frenzy.

In London, people are most likely to buy shoes, bags, a special outfit, perfume and beauty products. In the North West, it is purchases for the home, kitchen and children’s toys. Consumers in the West Midlands favour home tech items, films, music and jewellery. South West residents most often opt for DIY and gardening products, while in the East of England, people are planning purchases relating to hobbies and crafts.  

The younger generation, aged 18-24, were found to be much more likely to go to a shopping centre to treat themselves to a new book (82%) or film and music (78%), as well as for home technologies.

The research also suggests that planned purchases are not simply a case of affordability or disposable wealth. Looking at a range of planned purchases - from small treats, home furnishings and leisure clothes, to more luxury items such as perfume, cosmetics and home tech – the proportion of people planning to make purchases was broadly even across income groups ranging from those earning £10,000 a year to those earning more than £70,000.

Trevor Pereira, commercial director at intu, said: “Our latest research gives an in-depth look into how people are planning to spend their money in the next few months. It gives us an early indication of a confident consumer outlook which should translate into active shopping before we get to the usual, busy Christmas period. Planned purchases vary more by region than income and it’s interesting that many people place great importance on treats – those small rewards at the end of the week or month that add real colour to people’s lives and leisure.”


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