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Published:  24 July, 2014

New technology will allow centre management and security teams to harness the full potential of their CCTV systems, improving operational efficiencies and ensuring procedures are adhered to

Siemens Building Technologies has launched SiNVR, an advanced security management control platform that manages critical situations, distributes information and co-ordinates and manages resources.

Designed to be intelligent, responsive and adaptable, SiNVR – launched in the UK in March this year – integrates multiple security subsystems, offering full protection of assets to create a safe and automated working environment and adds operational value by improving efficiency, safety and security, reducing costs and enhancing procedures.

“The first challenge, in our experience of shopping centres, is that unless they’re brand new they have legacy systems and it isn’t financially possible to get rid of the old system and replace with new,” says Tony O’Brien, sales director for Siemens Building Technologies’ solution and service portfolio. “SiNVR is different because it’s completely scalable with additional ‘building blocks’ to enhance, complement and expand security activities as operational needs change.

“Because it’s modular and scalable, landlords can retain as much of their original system as possible, keeping 90 per cent of what they’ve got and upgrading 10 per cent one year, another 10 per cent the following year and so on.”

“SiNVR is based on completely open protocols, not only patching seamlessly into IT-structures but also offering open interfaces for any external subsystem,” he adds. “The software will seamlessly connect the world of analogue and digital, having the ability to manage many thousands of devices, so customers can fully integrate both new and legacy technology and maximise their existing investment.”

The new platform has been developed to integrate and control CCTV, intruder detection, access control and perimeter protection devices, managing every incident through to conclusion.

Features include video forensics enabling playback of any event using a combination of search criteria, camera tampering detection with immediate alerts and full reporting – which can be customised or designed to meet the client’s requirements – via a database.

Pre-configured prompts instruct staff to take the appropriate action and the software automatically sets in motion a sequence of pre-agreed activities to ensure the right procedures are adhered to, as well as distributing essential information to the relevant parties, the landlord’s head office, for example.

SiNVR also allows for the sophisticated creation and maintenance of site plans that can easily be updated and expanded as site conditions change. And interactive mapping of the parameters of each camera allow site maps to display orientation, angle of view and the target distance of each camera so that when the user clicks on the site plan, the nearest camera will automatically view the required area. The software enables customisation, meaning it can meet bespoke security requirements.

“Shopping centres tend to have lots of sub-systems which require multiple PCs and take up considerable power consumption,” says O’Brien. “SiNVR includes video analytics so that cameras can be used for two or more purposes – footfall counting and CCTV, for example – rather than separate sets for separate functions. This allows landlords to get rid of any unnecessary infrastructure and to reduce hardware. And SiNVR is simple to use, unlike the majority of old systems which tend to be clunky.”

With many shopping centre managers having to operate within a tighter budget, the challenge is for businesses to lower costs whilst reducing risk and improving operations and security. According to Siemens, SiNVR can enable shopping centres to meet both current and future security and safety challenges, as well as maximise their investment in technology.


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