What do shoppers say? ....about monitoring and security in Shopping Centres

Published:  22 November, 2013

The trauma of the Westgate centre in Nairobi and recent reports of escalating crime levels in and around London centres has highlighted the challenge posed to centre managers in achieving the right balance between keeping customers safe whilst avoiding charges of intrusion. It’s always a challenge to provide a friendly and comfortable shopping environment, and maintaining an ‘open doors’ policy, while at the same time maintaining security levels for shoppers and tenants.

Recent research by shopping centre specialists ROI Team suggests centre managers are currently getting the balance right. ROI Team interviewed shoppers in North London about their views on ‘being on camera’ whilst shopping, and how security regimes in shopping centres today made them feel.

The research reveals that a substantial majority of shoppers actually find the presence of camera surveillance reassuring. Fewer than 1 in 10 find it an intrusion or something to be avoided

ROI’s research shows that more than three quarters of respondents believe that managers are striking a good balance between necessary security measures and freedom of access in shopping centres. In fact among the most financially challenged, almost a third are inviting managers to provide additional security to assure their safety.

Andrew McCall, managing director of ROI Team, said: “Our research shows that shoppers appreciate the efforts that centre managers are making to provide for a safe and secure shopping location. Far from being deterred, shoppers mostly find the knowledge of CCTV surveillance to be a reassuring factor.”

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